2014-2015 Results

Held from September 2014 until April 2015, the 2014-2015 Calendar will consist of Competition and Social games. For a complete calendar of events see Events.

2nd of November 2014 – Lord’s Taverners Game

Team Score
Wanderers 9/151
QBCA 8/155

The Lord’s Taverners provided lunch on the day (BBQ with salad), and ran a raffle, the proceeds of which were donated to the QBCA. The Lord’s Taverners traditionally issue both a bowling and batting award to the best performing QBCA players on the day. Tony Southey received the bowling award, and Matthew McCarthy received the batting award.

9th of November 2014 – Golden Oldies Game Team Score Golden Oldies 11/163 QBCA 10/164

The Golden Oldies is a chance for the older players to come back to cricket and show younger players how its done. Special thanks to Steven “Shorty” Short for showing us how to get a really long duck.