31st of December

QLD played VIC on the third day of the Blind Cricket Nationals. QLD won the toss and elected to bat. After 40 Overs, QLD were 9/218 (including 9 penalty runs awarded for the slow over rate). VIC chased, but only made 6/180 by the 40th over, resulting in the third victory for QLD at these championships. Man of the Match was awarded to Brett Wilson from VIC.

NSW played SA on ground 1, and started out batting. They managed to get 8/209 by the 40th over. SA chased and managed 8/211 to win. The Man of the Match award went to Steve Palmer of SA. Of special note: this was Graham Coulton’s final game of blind cricket at the national level.

Tomorrow is a rest day, so the next game will be on the 2nd with QLD again playing VIC in the finals of the 40/40 segment of the 32nd Blind Cricket National Championships.