Lord’s Taverners Match

3rd of November

The annual Lord’s Taverners Match will be held at the QBCA clubhouse on Sunday the 3rd of November. The day will start at 11:30 (players should arrive around 11:00). The day usually finishes up around 16:30, depending on how the game progresses.

There will be a BBQ lunch on the day.

Anyone wishing to observe the game is welcome to do so, and members are encouraged to come and watch.


  1. julianne dickinson says:

    hi im comming with karen carter to cheer you on to win i will be there with my injuryed arm and hand try building my muscle lift a steel door torn all tendions in my hand and lower arm . thinking about joining your cricket team it looks like fun and you need more ladys in it to many guys not enough ladys lol julianne see you sunday take care julianne dickinson .