Day 2 20/20 Comp (delayed)

6th of January

Due to weather, days 2 and 3 of the 20/20 Comp were merged.

On ground 1 in the morning ACT played QLD. ACT won the toss and chose to bat. ACT scored All/118 in the 17th over. QLD then came in to bat and made 3/119 by the 13th over, resulting in a win for QLD. Lindsay heaven of QLD received Man of the Match.

On ground 2, VIC played NSW. NSW won the toss and elected to bat. NSW made 6/140. VIC chased and achieved 0/141 in the 14th over, giving VIC a win. Peter Loh of VIC got Man of the Match.

QLD played NSW on ground 1 in the afternoon. QLD won the toss and put NSW in to bat. NSW managed All/26 in the 9th over. QLD then went in and made 0/27 in the 3rd over. Man of the Match went to Matthew McCarthy of QLD.

The game on ground 2 was between SA and ACT. SA won the toss and chose to bowl. ACT were All/154, and SA caught up with 2/155. Man of the Match went to Mark Haskett of SA.

The final is on the 7th between QLD and VIC.