The Queensland Blind Cricket Association (QBCA) is a blind cricket club located in Brisbane, Australia. Established in 1951, the QBCA aims to provide blind and visually impaired persons with a social and competitive sporting venue.

Blind Cricket is a modified form of cricket designed for visually impaired and totally blind people. While essentially the same as standard cricket, there are some key differences, notably in the bowling, and in fielding. Players are divided into categories based on the level of vision they possess, B1 for the totally blind, B2 for those with very limited (or tunnel) vision, and B3 for the remainder. Players are required to bowl underarm, and bounce the ball at least once before the halfway mark, and again before the batsman’s crease. This ensures that the ball makes some noise for the batsman. When bowling down-category, however, the bowler is required to bounce the ball twice before the halfway mark. While fielding, players are only restricted from catching out a player of a lower category.

The ball now used for domestic cricket is larger than the standard cricket ball, made of hard plastic, and filled with washers. The washers give the ball weight and noise – essential for our players.

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102 Villa Street
QLD, 4104

The clubhouse is in Yeronga Memorial Park. There is a car park off Villa Street, just past house no. 100.
We are also a 5 minute walk from the Yeronga Railway station.

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